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Custom designed websites for business, personal, or eCommerce.

Website Hosting

Custom hosting solutions optimized for WordPress based sites on our Litespeed Server platform.


WooCommerce provides a powerful and scalable platform to sell both virtual and tangible goods. Contact us!


SEO practices include revamping of your site’s content, meta tags, and page structure to perform better in Google searches.


Why WordPress?

WordPress provides the ability to create beautiful modern websites with its integrated theme system which allows designers to customize the look to meet your business’s personality and image.

Content Management

Take control of your website’s content with easy to use content management tools enabling you to update your site from various devices including smart phones with a simple interface.

Mobile Friendly

WordPress themes allow for ‘Fully Responsive Design’ which enables your site to be mobile friendly across all types of devices ensuring your site is viewable in all screen dimensions.


WordPress provides several options for E-Commerce capabilities including the highly popular WooCommerce shopping cart plugin and supporting modules. Put your products online with this powerful tool.


Get control of your website content and expandability by converting to the WordPress platform today!

WordPress’s Influence On The Web

Managing Content

Initially conceived as a ‘blogging platform’, WordPress has evolved into a powerful and customizable content management system (CMS) in use on over 40,000,000 websites around the world. Any stigmas associated with using WordPress for business or personal use have been removed as this powerful platform continues to forge ahead with more powerful features in every new version released.

Platform Usage

We continue to see the same trends in how people are using WordPress. WordPress strictly as a CMS platform is more popular than ever and we are seeing WordPress as a blog and blog hybrid on a slightly downward slope. An interesting statistic for 2013 is a 7% usage of WordPress being used as an application platform, an aspect that aims to be emphasized in future updates. Each new version introduces more potential uses for this exceptional software.

How We Access It

  • Web 98% 98%
  • iOS Devices 31% 31%
  • Android 30% 30%
  • Android Tablets 18% 18%
  • Desktop App 12% 12%

WordPress is being accessed primarily via the web. However, mobile phone and tablet usage has increased greatly over the last year along with a clear rise in desktop apps becoming a way to experience WordPress. The introduction of fully-responsive themes allow for WordPress based sites to be easily viewed on multiple devices and screen sizes.

A Look Into the Future

Continual Updates

WordPress is under continual development by a large team of talented volunteer programmers. New versions are released regularly that continue to improve the overall experience and features.

Mobile Viewing

WordPress provides an excellent mobile viewing platform for your business or personal site. Fully responsive themes allow for easy viewing on the majority of tablets and smart phones so your site is always available.

Search Engines

WordPress is highly optimized for search engine compatibility. It can be further enhanced through various search engine techniques and connected to Google Analytics for more comprehensive exposure.

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