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Foreclosure Lawyers

Foreclosure Lawyers web design by Brian Sniff

The Foreclosure Lawyers project involved the design of a lead-generation website utilizing geo-location redirection for attorneys in major metropolitan areas. The geo-location system determines the IP address of the visitor and immediately redirects to an attorney associated with that area that handles the foreclosure issues and process.

The main website contains general information about foreclosures and what steps a homeowner can take and several calls to action for them to reach out to the service and initiate contact with attorneys in their location.

The site is built around WordPress and involves several important plugins and customizations:

  • Conditional widgets allowing control over what sidebar widgets display on which page(s)
  • A contact form system that allows for several recipients and subject matters
  • SEO enhancements to allow for top placement in search engine results for specific keyword searches


Foreclosure Lawyers web design by Brian Sniff

Foreclosure Lawyers web design by Brian Sniff


Posted on

September 16, 2012

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