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Integrity Auto Repair

Integrity Automotive Custom Design by Brian Sniff Web Designs

This award winning website ( winner of Top Ten award for automotive repair websites ) epitomizes the customer interaction aspects for gaining immediate trust and visitor response. Designed specifically to match their fleet of free loaner cars, this website has many great features under the hood that bring online power to the site owner for marketing and generating new as well as repeat business.

The home page content and layout was intended to provide the first time visitor with everything they would want to know in the event they are looking for specific automotive services. Personally I feel that the home page for any site has to be 100% clear about the 3 or 4 main services or products that the business offers. This philosophy keeps the visitors from having to dig two or three levels deeps to get the answers they came for. In this project we accomplished much of this using a combination of an image slider which displays the current specials and a tabbed Ajax based interface that explains the various services.

Additionally, we incorporated an icon driven menu system that helps the visitor identify the actual services that they are interested in. The navigation is simple and available on every page in the same location so the visitors do not have to search for links.

The contact forms are designed for scheduling services and features the ability for the visitor to select a specific service advisor to work with. The emails are monitored in real time so responses from the advisors are quick and efficient.

Another interactive feature is the FAQ section where those looking for preliminary answers or hints as to what their automotive problems pertain to can post a question whereas the site owner will respond. These questions and answers become public for future visitors to view. This element was devised as an ‘icebreaker’ which allows the visitor to ‘test the waters’ with the automotive repairmen before committing to an actual appointment. Once they receive the response they feel connected to the repair crew and, in turn, comfortable enough to set an appointment for actual repairs.

A major element of the project was a powerful email newsletter and marketing tool. A system was integrated to allow visitors to register for specials and news. Also, the system allowed for people to register for contests and giveaways. These lists are eventually merged and the full list is able to be marketed to with beautiful templated email newsletters to literally 1000’s of past customers which helps remind them of specials and customer loyalty incentives.

Integrity Automotive Custom Design by Brian Sniff Web Designs

Integrity Automotive Custom Design by Brian Sniff Web Designs

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