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Divi Material Design

Recently there was an excellent post on the Divi Theme Users Facebook page by the Elegant Themes people about material design with a tutorial that showed how to create the proper look and style associated with it. I decided to create a page for myself for demo...

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Free Divi Social Media Section

I was recently working on a project for a musician, film and performing artist who wanted his site to have a very visible and prominent social networking section instead of the usual social icons and follow buttons. After viewing some examples and discussing some...

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Divi Blurb Icon Background Line

I came across this tip while visiting another site and thought i'd share it here. Basically it uses two Divi modules to create the look you see below. By combining the Blurb module and Divider module in the right stacking order and minimal CSS you can easily create...

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Cool Connected Bullets For Divi

I was surfing for some recipes the other day and happened across what I thought was a nicely styled ordered list that used connecting dots to add a nifty touch to the display. I dug into their source code to see how it was done and how it could be repeated easily and...

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Divi Slider Text Display Trick

If you use a busy photograph as the background of a fullwidth slider in Divi chances are the text, whether light or dark, will not be entirely readable. Therefore, in order to make the text stand out you can place a background behind the two elements that make up the slider text, the title/headline and the description/content. In a way, this works like an overlay where it places a dark background behind these elements in order for the text to be readable no matter what is behind it in the slider.

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Custom Divi Animated Buttons

Divi utilizes a set of default buttons that are somewhat configurable when it comes to colors and backgrounds. However, they are all static with modest hover effects. I was recently made aware of these cool custom buttons that are freely available for download and easy to integrate into your Divi layout with simple copy and paste. The code you need, CSS, is all it takes in order to make your buttons a bit more lively and your site more interesting.

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Divi Vertical Navigation Fix

Divi’s vertical navigation option (Appearance / Customize / Theme Options) by default doesn’t allow the vertical column/menu to scroll with the rest of the page. This can be a problem if you have a lengthy menu as it will not be totally visible on many screens. Nor will they be able to scroll down to bring it in to view.

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Making Page Specific CSS Changes In Divi

When making changes to any theme in Wordpress you want to be sure that the element you’re modifying isn’t global if you’re only looking to make the change appear on a single page. Luckily there’s a simple solution for this that involves the page ID that you wish to pinpoint.

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Making Your Divi Header Transparent

Divi allows you to modify the background color of your header area in the Appearance / Customize settings. However, it does not allow you to set any transparency which is needed in order to create the desired effect. Here’s an example from a site using Divi that utilizes this photo background / transparent menu look:

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Setting A Fixed Logo Size In Divi Theme

The Elegant Themes Divi theme, by default, changes the size of your logo image when you begin to scroll down the page. To keep this from happening you can insert this small snippet of code into the ePanel custom CSS box and your logo will remain a specific height and...

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