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Divi Blurb Icon Background Line

Divi Blurb Icon Background Line

I came across this tip while visiting another site and thought i’d share it here. Basically it uses two Divi modules to create the look you see below. By combining the Blurb module and Divider module in the right stacking order and minimal CSS you can easily...
Divi Blurb Icon Background Line

Cool Connected Bullets For Divi

I was surfing for some recipes the other day and happened across what I thought was a nicely styled ordered list that used connecting dots to add a nifty touch to the display. I dug into their source code to see how it was done and how it could be repeated easily and...
Divi Blurb Icon Background Line

Divi Slider Text Display Trick

If you use a busy photograph as the background of a fullwidth slider in Divi chances are the text, whether light or dark, will not be entirely readable.  Therefore, in order to make the text stand out you can place a background behind the two elements that make up the...

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