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SEO practices include revamping of your site’s content, meta tags, and page structure to perform better in Google searches.


Brian Sniff - WordPress and Web Design

Meet Brian Sniff - Web Designer

Web Design, WordPress, SEO, eCommerce and Web Consultant
Brian Sniff

Brian Sniff


Everyone has an idea of what they want their website to look like and how they want it to perform. My job has always been to listen, analyze and respond with ideas that will enhance those goals. However, I am not interested in creating websites that are immediately doomed to fail. My job, and my pride, requires I dis-spell any myths that may be governing your decisions, provide you with options on how you can accomplish your short and long term goals with the site, explain how certain ideas do not help the site but do add to the costs, and describe to you what efforts that you, as the owner, will need to provide in order to make your site work for you.

Ready to go? Contact me today!

I respond quickly to all inquiries and questions. The first step in getting your project underway is simple… contact me!

Personal Customer Relationships

I am an independent freelance web designer who cherishes long term collaborative relationships with my clients. With over 16 years of experience in various aspects of web design and development, my commitment to each client is to create an affordable attractive website that works, increases their exposure and provide long term maintenance as needed.

Working Locally or Remotely

Being based in Seattle, WA, I can meet with Puget Sound area clients to discuss strategies and site functionality. However, I work with clients all over the world and work remotely on the majority of my projects. Having a physical presence is not necessary in today’s world of online meetings, Skype video conferences and screen-sharing when planning and collaborating on elements of the design.

  • HTML 100% 100%
  • eCommerce 80% 80%
  • PHP/MySQL 70% 70%
  • CSS 90% 90%
  • Wordpress 95% 95%
  • Social Networking 85% 85%
  • Photoshop 85% 85%

Web Design FAQ's

Web design is more than code and graphics. And, no longer is your website simply a business card or novelty.  Your website is now a tool, consisting of several coding languages compiled into one interactive force to help promote your business or product.

Innovative Ideas

Guidance and experience are my strong points. Many clients I encounter have little or no knowledge of what’s possible with a website. Or, may have ill-advised preconceived notions of what they feel is the best path.


SEO begins with the website’s construction. Following strict guidelines for proper SEO compliance is the best way to ensure your site is found across a broad assortment of keyword phrases.

Social Networking

Social Networking is now an integral part of successful website ownership. The power of viral marketing can spread the word about your business or products much faster when deployed properly.

Brian's WordPress and Design Portfolio

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